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Commercial Property

Commercial Property

Although we are experts in all aspects of Self Invested Pensions, we have gained a very wide range of experience in handling Commercial Property transactions in particular.

We consider Commercial Property on the following basis:

  • UK based commercial property and / or land
  • Full or part ownership
  • With or without borrowing (within HMRC limits)
  • Freehold or leasehold
  • With or without VAT registration
  • New purchases or transfers from other UK registered pension schemes
  • Not usually any need to appoint a professional property manager
  • You can choose your own Solicitor, Surveyor, Insurer and Lender (if applicable)
  • To help you, we have an optional panel of Solicitors with relevant experience and expertise

We have a number of types of property / land, such as:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial / Manufacturing sites
  • Agricultural land
  • Football stadium, cricket stadium, golf course
  • Public Houses
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels (although we do not allow Hotel Room investments)

In order to assess a particular property as an investment of your pension scheme we will require a Solicitor to be appointed to prepare a report on title, to conduct appropriate searches and enquiries, to handle the transfer of funds and contracts and to check leases.

A Surveyor will be required to prepare a valuation report, to include the property value, rental value and insurance reinstatement value. Transactions with connected parties must be done on commercial terms.

The property must be insured on a commercial basis, with the interest of the pension scheme noted. If you do not have insurance then we can obtain a quotation for you from our insurers.

We have published a number of factsheets covering specific types of transaction: