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Our Firm

Our Firm

InvestAcc Pension Administration Limited is a specialist award winning SIPP and SSAS provider, working with authorised financial advisers throughout the UK.

The Minerva SIPP is operated by InvestAcc Pension Administration Limited and was launched in 2003 to offer a more flexible approach to retirement planning, together with an efficient and personal service.

At the heart of the scheme is a deposit account (although investors are free to choose an account with this, or any other UK authorised deposit taker).

The scheme allows a wider choice of investment over traditional insurance company pension plans, including commercial property and land (which can be held on an individual or group basis, with or without borrowing), unit trusts and OEICs, and individual stocks, shares and ETFs.

SIPP Lite is based on our Minerva SIPP and is for individuals that don’t require the full range of investment options initially – meaning that we can set very low fees whilst maintaining high quality of service. Plans can be upgraded to the full Minerva SIPP at any time.

InvestAcc SSAS is particularly useful for business owners who want to run their pension affairs alongside the business, taking advantage of legislation unique to SSAS.

We are based in Carlisle, in the North of England, and operate throughout the UK.

Our company is in private and employee ownership, we have grown organically at a rate that allows us to prioritise maintaining a high quality and personal service.

Most of our customers come to us via a financial adviser. You can find information about financial advisers using a service like Note that we do not provide financial advice.