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Tax Relief Calendar 2021

Tax Relief Calendar 2021

Personal contributions to our SIPPs are made net of tax relief at the relevant rate, prior to age 75.

For contributions paid up to the 5th of the calendar month, tax relief should be received on 21st of the following calendar month (or the next working day, if 21st is not a working day):

Date contribution receivedDate tax relief to be received on
6th November 2020 to 5th December 202021 January 2021
6th December 2020 to 5th January 202122 February 2021
6th January 2021 to 5th February 202122 March 2021
6th February 2021 to 5th March 202121 April 2021
6th March 2021 to 5th April 202121 May 2021
6th April 2021 to 5th May 202121 June 2021
6th May 2021 to 5th June 202121 July 2021
6th June 2021 to 5th July 202123 August 2021
6th July 2021 to 5th August 202121 September 2021
6th August 2021 to 5th September 202121 October 2021
6th September 2021 to 5th October 202122 November 2021
6th October 2021 to 5th November 202121 December 2021
6th November 2021 to 5th December 202121 January 2022
6th December 2021 to 5th January 202221 February 2022

We claim tax relief monthly, we have no control of the above timescales which are dictated by HMRC.

Note that the relevant rate of tax relief depends on whether you are a Scottish taxpayer, Welsh taxpayer or taxpayer in the rest of the United Kingdom (UK):

  • Scottish basic rate for Scottish taxpayers
  • Welsh basic rate for Welsh taxpayers
  • Basic rate for taxpayers in the rest of the UK

If you are eligible for further tax relief on your personal contributions, you should reclaim that extra element via your self assessment tax return or by contacting HMRC.

If you have any questions about this, please contact our SIPP accounts team on 01228 538 988 or email