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InvestAcc joins the Origo Options Transfer Service

We are delighted to announce that InvestAcc will be joining the Origo Options Transfer Service from Monday 23rd July 2018

This will allow potentially much faster transfers between pension plans using this service. The average Options transfer is around 8 working days and in some cases transfers may be much quicker, with the fastest ever transfer completed in less than 1 hour!

InvestAcc will facilitate pension to pension cash transfers (receiving and ceding) and pension to annuity cash transfers (ceding) for all our SIPP members. Note that SSAS schemes cannot currently use this service.

We have already updated our SIPP transfer forms to include Origo Options’ required standard questions and declarations. With effect from 23rd July we will use Origo Options for new transfer requests provided the forms are the new versions, otherwise customers can choose to either complete a new form or have their transfers processed in the traditional way.

Note that availability of the Origo Options Transfer Service requires both transferring and receiving schemes and plans to be included in the service. It is not currently available for transfers from most occupational pension schemes or any defined benefit schemes.

For details of the Origo Options Transfer Service and the firms which are part of it, please visit the dedicated site:


July 18th, 2018