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Changes to our Minerva SIPP Terms and Conditions (including SIPP Lite)

We are making some small changes to our Minerva Terms and Conditions which will apply from 29th February 2024. Note that these changes also affect SIPP Lite members.

Changes include an improvement to the way we disclose the share of interest we receive from our bankers, making it clear what a customer needs to do if they wish to open an additional bank account.

We have added clarity on the circumstances in which we might hold funds in a non-interest bearing pooled account, such as when we know of an impending investment transaction.

We are also introducing a minimum ad hoc investment transaction amount, which has been set at £50.00.

Finally, we have updated the taxation section, to reflect upcoming changes to the Lifetime Allowance and Lifetime Allowance Tax Charge.

A copy of the new Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.

Customers and advisers will receive their copy shortly.


January 29th, 2024